Discourse Studies blog on Crisis Discourse launched


the CriDis Blogging sphere on Crisis Discourse has been launched with a first addition on ‘Covid-19 and the political’. Who is interested in discourses and language of risk might find some interesting debates here.

All the best,

President TG04

Blog link: https://www.crisis-discourse.net/

About CriDis

Crises are rarely just nature-given. They surface when humans conceive of a difficult situation as a moment of crisis and crisis intervention, using language and discourse. Crisis Discourse Blog (CriDis) is a platform for people interested in discourses of crisis. We offer accessible, but scientifically rigorous, analyses of current crisis debate. We look into framings, forms of language use, images and memes, ambiguous concepts and larger discourse configurations that suggest tackling a crisis in specific ways. We also use photography and illustration to engage with crisis debate. We believe that discourse analysis and artist intervention can help us to navigate the mediatised drama of crisis and see through its social and political implications.