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Multidimensional Risks in the XXI Century (20-21 october 2021), documents archive.

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Lia Fassari: The irreducible ambivalence of technospaces. Cultural risks and new possibilities – Download

Fiorenza Gamba: Creating the City: Differences, Inclusion, Belonging – Download

Justus Uitermark: What kind of a problem is a megacity? – Download

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Panel session: Multidimensional Risks1

Aistė Balžekienė, Eimantė Zolubienėand Agnė Budžytė (Kaunas University of Technology) – Lay– expert Risk Perception Divide: Downscaling Macro Problems to National Concerns.

Antonio Camorrino (University of Naples “Federico II”) – Sociology of Risk and Pandemic Era. Sociological Analysis of the “Nocturnal Re‐enchantment of the World”.

Prokopios Orfanos (National & Kapodistrian University of Athens) – Strangers in Strange Lands: Discourse, Risk, Liquidity

Ortwin Renn (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies – IASS) – Risk Communication and Governance in a Post‐Truth Environment.

Panel session: Megacities1

Raffaele Federici (University of Perugia) – The Sounds of the African Metropolis. A Janus‐faced Experience of the Risikogesellschaft.

Laura Guercio (University of Perugia) – Where is the Line Drawn between Actual Insecurity and the Perception of It in a Globalized System and Multicultural Societies? The Findings of a Study Carried on in Terni.

Cristina Montesi (University of Perugia) – Smart and Sustainable Cities for a “Good Life”.

Ayşe Perihan Kırkıç (Istanbul Sehir University), Nefise Taş (Istanbul Bilgi University), Rojname Ataş (Istanbul Bilgi University) and Tuba Doğan (Marmara University) – Urban Risks in a Metropolis: Istanbul Earthquakes’ Coverage in Newspapers.

Panel session: Pandemic and beyond1

Bert de Graaf (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Jenske Bal (Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management) and Roland Bal (Maastricht University) – Governing an Emerging Crisis amidst Uncertainty; an Ethnographic Study on the Risk Governance of the Covid‐19 Pandemic in an Elite Academic Hospital in the Netherlands.

Ilaria Meli, Marina Ciampi, Giuseppe Ricotta and Anna Maria Paola Toti (Sapienza University of Rome) – Rethinking the Neighborhood: Security and Social Inclusion in an Urban Space. A Case Study in San Lorenzo, Rome.

Elena Savona (University for Foreigners “Dante Alighieri” of Reggio Calabria) – Risk and Risk Perception: The Metropolitan Imagery of Catastrophe at the Time of the Covid‐19.

Rahul Singh (Presidency University, Kolkata) – Hazards in Risk Society: A Comparative Study on the Ecological Disaster of Chernobyl and Covid‐19 Pandemic.

Panel session: Megacities2

Marina Ciampi (Sapienza University of Rome), Adriano Cirulli (University of Udine), Alessandro Ippoliti (Sapienza University of Rome) and Anna Maria Paola Toti (Sapienza University of Rome) – Bottom‐up Social Innovation Practices in the Suburbs of Rome: The Cases of Trullo and Tor Pignattara Neighbourhoods.

Victoria Fanggidae (University of Melbourne) – Institutionally Induced Uncertainty: Understanding Jakarta Underclass’ Turn to Individualistic Survival Strategies.

Maria Grazia Galantino, Francesca Gentili (Sapienza University of Rome) – Predictive Policing through Crime Risk Assessment: The Case of Italy.

Tatiana Lysova (University of Milano Bicocca), Laura Schmidt (University of Public Services) – The Discourse of Urban Security: Comparison of Policies and the Opinions of Urban Security NGOs in Budapest and Milan.

Panel session: Multidimensional Risks2

Kirill Gavrilov (National Research University), Maria Butynko (Plekhanov Russian University) – The Perception of Cyber Risks: The Psychometric Paradigm Approach.

Bianca Rumore (Universityof Catania) – Robots: The Perception of Risk for Contemporary Workers.

Lyudmyla Skokova, Natalia Kostenko (Ukraina National Academy of Sciences) – Cyber Threats in the Emergency State: The Case of Ukraine.

Panel session: Pandemic and beyond2

Uliano Conti (University of Perugia) – Impact of Covid‐19 Pandemic on Scientific Research. A Project on Refugee women between Italy and Jordan.

Isabella Corvino (University of Perugia) – Uncertainty Virus and Social Metamorphosis. Gabe Mythen, Laura Naegler and Taran Leeks (University of Liverpool) – What Now and Where Next for Climate Emergency Activism? Gazing into the Elongating Shadow Shed by the Pandemic.

Dario Pizzul (University of Milano Bicocca) – Privacy violation risk in COVID‐19 digital contact tracing: Italian app users’ perception versus app developers’ conceptualization