Collaboration and tools

How to collaborate

TG04/RN22 platform was created to stimulate and help the sharing of knowledge and collaboration in studies and research.
For this TG04/RN22 provides a series of communication and work tools.
Our tools range from blogging to social platforms and also include accounts for conducting online meetings and conferences.

Publish on this platform

In order to publish on the TG04/RN22 blog, the material must be sent to the editorial team. In case of difficulty, the technical support will identify the most suitable solution, also through the use of systems for archiving and sharing documents.
All documents transmitted must highlight the following information:

  • Name and Surname of the author (s)
  • Title
  • Category in which to publish (Decolonizing Risk Sociology, Environmental Risk …)
  • Summary of the elaborated of about 30 words
  • One or more tags relating to the document.

It is believed that when sending the material to be published, the author or authors fully and implicitly accept what is indicated in the document “Copyright Transfer Statement”. Therefore authorizing SoRU 21 platform to immediately publish the materials. The document cited can be downoloded below.

Copyright Transfer Statement: download

Blog comments

To comment on the Blog you will have to register through the procedure to be defined.

TG04/RN22 platform, provides a discord server that offers voice channels, audio / video channels, chat with which you can also share documents and images.
The discord server is available for registered users to organize group discussions, small meetings or manage topics. To access you will have to open your own discord account, and contact the technical service for permissions.

The TG04/RN22 platform makes Zoom available for those who need to organize meetings and conferences. The use of the zoom must be requested from technical support, who will take care of the creation of the event and will guarantee any streaming on youtube and recording and saving the video.

Request form – download

TG04/RN22 platform is equipped with various social channels (facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram). These channels will be used to update users on ongoing initiatives. These channels may also be used by the users themselves to share information or make known the activities they have carried out. To publish on TG04/RN22 social networks you will have to send the desired content to technical support .