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Multidimensional Risks in the XXI Century

 Author: MARIA GRAZIA GALANTINO , FABIO D'ANDREA  Category: Conference documents, Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty  Publisher: Egea  Year:: 2023  ISBN: 9788823886285  pages: 154  Country: Italia  Lenguage: Inglese  Tags: AnthropoceneCovid19Experiencing RiskGlobal RisksHealthpandemicriskrobotsecuritySociologyTechnologyUncertainty |

At the start of 2020, with the emergence of Covid-19, risk turned from a state of virtuality into reality and the anticipated catastrophe became factual. Suddenly, we were confronted with the pervasiveness of multidimensional risks that spill over into different social domains partly escaping control of our perfected techno-scientific society. Public controversies over the pandemic made evident how risks result from a process of social construction which involves different social actors with their load of ideologies, strategies, and vested interests. To disentangle processes of social construction of risk is the common thread of the contributions collected in this book. They are a selection of the papers discussed during a conference organized by the ISA/ESA network on Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty in 2021, entitled «Multidimensional Risks in the XXI Century». Using different perspectives, the chapters examine global and cultural implications of risk and un-certainty across a range of contexts, including the pandemic, the workplace and the city. Beside the discussion on fears and contradictions of current risky times, the book offers a fresh perspective allowing to catch a glimpse of the new that at times springs from apparent disorder, making the possibility of emancipation toward a more sustainable and shared future at least thinkable.