XX ISA world Congress of Sociology in Melbourne, abstract submission.

Abstract submission for the XX ISA world Congress of Sociology in Melbourne is now open

from July 1 – September 30, 2022, 24:00 GMT

Oral sessions will be a mix of in-person and virtual presenters, based on the presenters’ preference.

Participants must submit abstracts on-line to a selected session of a Research Committee, Working Group, Thematic Group through a centralized platform.

The TG04 sessions are available here:


Abstract submission rules:

  • One cannot submit more than two abstracts.
  • One cannot submit the same abstract to two different sessions.
  • Our sessions are in English.
  • It is the author’s responsibility to submit a correct abstract; any errors in spelling, grammar, or scientific fact will be reproduced as typed by the author.

Session titles of TG04 sessions:

  • Accountability and Sustainable Transitions: Toward an Integrated Analysis of Sociopolitical and Ecological Risks
  • Decolonizing Sociology of Risk
  • Emotions, Trust, Hope and Other Approaches of Managing Uncertainty and Non-Knowledge
  • Inequality, Power, and Intersectional Perspectives on Risk
  • Materiality, Brutality and Risk: Decolonial Readings of the Twin Climate and Energy Crisis
  • Mental Health and Risk
  • Methods, Methodologies and Research Strategies
  • Risk and Space: Risk Perception and Risk Normalization
  • Risk, Catastrophes and Emancipation
  • The Democratization of Risk and Prevention in a Sociological Perspective
  • The Language of Risk
  • Theorizing Risk and Uncertainty

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